Practical information for posters

We would like to thank you once again for your enthusiasm to join our conference. Your abstract was previously accepted as a poster, and we hereby send you all practicalities.

First and foremost, the poster needs to be printed, hung, and removed by the owner, which we strongly encourage you to do this within the given time frame.

Location poster boards: Pandgang, Het Rustpunt. This is also the location where all breaks and gatherings are planned, so rest assured your poster will get plenty of views.

The posters can be placed on the posterboards where there is a free spot. We request not to move the boards around. We have a first come first serve policy so the sooner you arrive, the more choice you have on where to hang your poster. All posters should be in place at 12.30 PM on Friday, but we encourage you to do this sooner.

The dimensions of the poster board are 2 meters (high) by 1 meter (width). Ensure that your poster is compatible with this size. If, for economic or practical reasons, you prefer to use a different format from the standard conference poster, such as A4 pages combined with pictures, drawings, etc., feel free to do so. We will provide material to put your poster on the board.

At 12.30 PM on Friday, we are organizing a poster walk. This gives you the opportunity to elaborate on your content, to connect and engage in conversation on the topic. Situate yourself at your poster to indicate your availability.

Posters can be removed between 10.15 AM and 2 PM on Saturday. If your poster doesn’t get removed in time, it will be removed by the organization. If you leave the conference earlier and wish to take the poster home, please contact one of the members of the organization.

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