How can GPs contribute to population health: inspirational practices

Friday, 26 April 9:30

About Dr Emmily Schaubroeck

After my graduation as a GP at Ghent University in 2017 and one year experience in a community health centre in Ghent, I lived and worked in Germany for four years. As one of the revivers of the Flemish Young GP Association (Jong Domus), I had some very nice international experiences via the European Young Family Doctors Movement (EYFDM). After polishing my German, I worked as a GP in an urban practice in Nuremberg and as a GP-researcher at the Department for General Practice at Erlangen University. Since my return, I continued this challenging combination working as a PhD-assistent at the Public Health and Primary Care department at Ghent University and as a GP in a small group practice in my former hometown Nazareth, a town close to Ghent, where I spent the first 20 years of my life. In my PhD I explore population management within the primary healthcare pratice context and the particularities for implementation in the Flemish primary care context. Throughout the Bachelor and Master Medicine and Family Medicine at the Faculty I also support the education about quality and safety in healthcare. After doing several hikings with my partner we now try to spend as much of our leisure time in nature with our two-year old toddler and apart from running and swimming I try to hit a volleyball from time to time.

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