Briefing for oral presentations & workshops

We would like to thank you once again for your enthusiasm to join our conference! Your abstract was previously accepted as a workshop/oral presentation, and we hereby send you all practicalities to prepare for the conference.

Please consult the online program for the time and location of your session. Note that the location of your presentation can still be altered in the next few days, so consult the final location in the week of the conference. The delegates for the workshop on eco-psychology in the garden will gather at the reception desk in Pandgang.

We kindly request oral presenters to upload their presentations to our website before 20 April. Your presentation will then be available on the laptop in the room.

If you need to make last-minute changes to your already uploaded presentation, please present yourself at the registration desk in Pandgang where you can use one of the designated computers.  If your presentation needs larger adjustments, we suggest to use your own laptop. There is free wifi available and we can provide a desk. Be sure to bring your own charger.

All presentations need to be final and uploaded at least one hour before presenting.

Double-check spelling and grammar. It is the responsibility of the presenter to ensure their text does not contain any typos or grammatical errors.

Please be in the appropriate room during the break before the start of the session to make sure your presentation is ready. Oral presenters are strongly advised to bring a copy of their presentations on a USB with them in case of any need. It will not be possible to present using your own laptop.
Please arrive on time  and present yourself to the moderator. As this is a small conference, there will be little time to move the presentations around. We appreciate your cooperation to ensure a smooth progression.

All speakers must make use of the uniform title page slide. You can download the title page slide by clicking here. Personalize the slide according to the guidelines.

All speakers must make use of a disclosure slide. We include disclosure slide samples to personalize according to each conflict of interest. NOTE: This should be the first slide after the title page slide.



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